Video : Unik Brodaz - Amem? #Amem? (Dir. Adasa Cookey) | @unikbrodaz

Unik Brodaz - Could they be a re-make of P-square ? Check out Amem? Video. Just like Paul and Peter Okoye, Nkereuwem and Ubon Ntuk(Unikbrodaz) are brothers. Also,as Jude Okoye, the elder brother of P-square used to be their manager, Idongesit Ntuk,velder brother of UNIKBRODAZ is their manager. They are top-of-the-range.

Electrifying stage performance is their trademark. Their magnum opus ,chart-burster song AMEM? has taken over the airwaves which gave birth to this incredible video directed by Adasa Cookey.
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