Full Music Album : Eniola Havoc - Alaye Eko Vibes Vol. 2 (The Psychedelic)

‘Alaye Eko Vibes Vol. 2 (The Psychedelic)‘ By Eniola Havoc Is Dedicated To All The Real Hustlers globally That never give up a there trail to success. Download, listen and also share with friends. "Alaye Eko Vibes Vol. 2 (The Psychedelic)" .

LET IT BE KNOWN that I made this project for you. I am a creative ENERGY GOD, I make love, make money and even make mistakes. I am a real HUMAN BEING, just like you I am IMPERFECT. My reality has been my sole inspiration, I just want RESPECT and to GET PAID, you can blame it on the constant MONEY WORRY. I am a RARE ROSE that blossoms everywhere. I work all day and just BEFORE I SLEEP every night tell myself it is GONNA BE OKAY, you should do the same and live your life to the fullest.

Yours Sincerely, Eniola Havoc.

Album release date: 13 May 2018

Download Tracks:

Free listen On SoundCloud : Eniola Havoc - Alaye Eko Vibes Vol. 2 (The Psychedelic)

Free download:

01. Before I Sleep - DOWNLOAD

02. Human Being - DOWNLOAD

03. Respect ft. Slaa - DOWNLOAD

04. Get Paid - DOWNLOAD

05. Energy God - DOWNLOAD

06. Money Worry ft. Sean Kellz & Tony Mane - DOWNLOAD

07. Imperfect ft. Tinu - DOWNLOAD

08. Rare Rose - DOWNLOAD

09. Gonna Be Okay ft. Cake Bass - DOWNLOAD

10. Let It Be Known - DOWNLOAD

Thank Goodness for my mother and everyone that has showed me true love. You are my reality, you made this happen. I love you.

Download, Share and Enjoy!!!

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